One-to-One Coaching

At Player Plus we offer personalised one-to-one coaching and mentoring services that can be tailored to EVERY players needs. Whether you are a beginner looking for one-to-one coaching to develop the basic fundamentals of the game or an elite player looking to improve further in order to be scouted by a professional club, we can tailor our services to YOUR needs. Below is the process followed;


  • Meeting to discuss strengths, areas of improvement and other factors
  • An experienced and highly qualified Player Plus coach will develop a personalised training programme
  • Player receives programme including exercises, drills and personalised advice
  • Delivery of personal one-to-one coaching sessions by Player Plus coach
  • Regular updates training programme and progress reports


Personal one-to-one coaching and mentoring is very popular in the United States and is proven to be very beneficial for all players due to the personalised programme and feedback. Often coaching sessions with teams can be tailored to the teams needs and not have each players needs at interest, however one-to-one coaching and mentoring helps focus on one player and his/her specific requirements.

Benefits of one-to-one coaching and mentoring with Player Plus
  • Receive top quality personalised one-to-one coaching from highly qualified and experienced coaches
  • Receive a personalised training programme including exercises, drills and more to practice at home
  • Top quality mentoring from an experienced coach
  • FREE video resource online
  • Regular progress reports
  • Nutritional advice
  • Position Specific advice and print-outs
  • Training and Fitness advice
  • Personalised one-to-one feedback
  • Recommendations to professional clubs when reached the required standard
  • Discounts with partner companies and more

Weekly Fee - £12.50 (includes personalised programme and 1 hour one-to-one coaching session)


Monthly Fee - £39.99 (pay monthly and receive a £10 discount per month)


Interested in our one-to-one coaching and mentoring services? Contact us for booking enquiries.