Coaching Consultancy

At Player Plus we offer a coaching consultancy service to local clubs by holding coaching sessions, covering managerial absences and/or assisting managers for a small cost. This service has proven effective with many local clubs by improving their players performance, knowledge, discipline and enthusiasm in training sessions.

Benefits of Coaching Consultancy Service
  • Your team receive the 'Academy Experience' from highly qualified and experienced coaches
  • New innovative and challenging session content
  • Cover managerial absences
  • Players experience a different coaching style and different methods
  • Players often show more enthusiasm and are more disciplined for an external coach


For information regarding our highly experienced and qualified staff, please see the staff page.


Service costs are £15 per hour, including £2.50 per 15 minutes thereafter.


Want to book a Player Plus coach to deliver a coaching session to YOUR team? Contact us for booking enquiries.